Thursday, July 23, 2020

Guided Projects


There has been many guided projects provided by many online courses , course era, udemy , vidya Analytics are few names...These projects helps students to learn while doing and creates good impact on i myself completed nearly 10 projects in just few days during covid 19 go ahead and do the projects in ML

All the projects are just 1-2 hrs duration and gives you an soft learning with hands on...

the sites for the same are :

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Machine Learning for Newbie

Technical Newbie , now being listening Machine learning as a buzz word ,  Although its not at all a new one ...

Well, the world started with 1950 as a checkers programs  beating many champions ,  the golden era of ML begins in 90's when many revolutionary algorithms in  AI(read ML)  has been
developed  and since then  hardware technology supports the mission.. ML is evolving very fast I mean very fast ..Darwin theory says take millions of years to evolve a human , but it will take only hundred of year to ML to overcome that human capability like Deep Learning concepts being evolved as a scientific contributions in this 21st Century and the development is on and we never know where it's gonna to stop.

Just to give  a glimpse of the buzz word Machine learning algorithms enable computers to learn from data, and even improve themselves, without being explicitly programmed , computers  take data as food , grow ..growing ...growing faster ...and will be grown soon  when you will be having bots working all around to assist you in manoeuvre and keeping finger crossed the day AI/NN reaches to a level of human brains or may cross over ( as thousands of super brains working together to bring out a machine which can think ..)

Scientist have been working around for long to produce machines which can work in place of human , the most common is washing machine at home ,computers at work place and many more .They have  soon sufficiently realized they require machines to do redundant task , like photocopier ..regular mundane task can be replicated by machine . What they have now realized is besides these common known  regular tasks machine can be developed which can not only work like humans but can also think like humans.

and if with reading you are thinking where it can  been used , then  ML works every where a diversified usage of ML , hardly any arena left with out its pinch you  name any field it has some hand in it , moreover you might not knowing the fact of using  ML some where in your life.

ML do qualifies for learn, unlearn and relearn .. A tough competition for upcoming technical newbies be ready :-)